This Will Make YOU Feel Better!

Just watch the video and I guarantee you will feel much better about life. The reason you will feel better is simple; when you watch the video, you are effectively ‘saying’ these beautiful affirmations in your mind and so, you immediately feel their effect.

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This Kid Should be President!

In this video, we are treated to a list of twenty things we should say more often. The kid delivers it with humour and real style too. Do you believe the things we say can help make the world more awesome? Me Too!

This kid should be President!

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Time to Dump Social Media

I remember when my kids were growing up that one thing I hated was them asking what we were going to do next. Perhaps this sounds a bit silly, but the point is that often times, it was an indication that they were not really ‘living in the present’ – they were not giving their time and attention to what we were actually doing.

The same thing applies to this so-called Social Media thing that apparently everybody is doing these days. You see them walking down the street with their mobile devices, tweeting, texting and tinkering instead of enjoying the moment. You go to a restaurant and you see a small group of people on their mobiles. What – I ask – is wrong with enjoying the meal and the company of your companions?

Is it time to ditch this media we laughingly call social?

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