The Secret: Law of Attraction

The video is a beautifully affirmative presentation from the makers of The Secret which features The Law of Attraction as it’s central theme. The secret took the internet by storm in 2008 bringing the age-old wisdom of the Law of Attraction – first popularised by New Thought writers to a much wider audience.

The Law of Attraction and The Secret continue to exercise an enduring effect on the field of Personal Development. The Idea that you can have what you want if you just think about it, of course, is not for everyone. However, many people attest to the power of creating a vision and holding it firmly in your mind.

Perhaps, we do not yet fully understand all the forces at work behind these timeless principles of self advancement.

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This Will Make YOU Feel Better!

Just watch the video and I guarantee you will feel much better about life. The reason you will feel better is simple; when you watch the video, you are effectively ‘saying’ these beautiful affirmations in your mind and so, you immediately feel their effect.

Do you know someone who needs a lift right now? Well, make sure you send them to this page or click one of the share buttons below …

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This Kid Should be President!

In this video, we are treated to a list of twenty things we should say more often. The kid delivers it with humour and real style too. Do you believe the things we say can help make the world more awesome? Me Too!

This kid should be President!

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